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Home Automation – Watch What Brands you Buy!

I feel like I could write an entire series on this topic, but I want to keep this as short and to the point as possible for home automation (I will go further in depth on security in the IoT realm in future posts). Before we dive into home automation, I want to bring up some important tips on selecting products for your home.

NOTICE: The products I mention in these posts are merely my opinion and ones that I would use personally. Links to purchase these devices that are supplied in my blog posts may give me an affiliate commission at no additional cost to you.

1. Buy from a reputable site

This goes for any purchase, but especially when dealing with any sort of electronic or technology purchase. Purchasing from companies that advertise as bargain or outlet shops should raise a red flag. Additionally, if you have not heard of the company before, research the website itself and look for any third-party reviewing sites for scam or fraudulent. I highly recommend purchasing from companies like Best Buy, Amazon, B&H Photo Video, Lowe’s, Home Depot

2. Watch the brand you buy & read reviews!

Due to wanting to limit my liability and any finger pointing, I will not name any particular brands to not buy. However, it is pretty easy to pick out which ones are legitimate and ones that are knock-offs or insecure. This is probably the most important part. Just because it looks legitimate doesn’t necessarily mean they ARE legitimate. Pay attention to the brand names and be cognizant of any language discrepancies within the title or descriptions. Finally, look at the reviews! You may see 5 stars, but only having a handful of them is not a great sign. Look for devices with several hundred or thousands of reviews 4 or above (anything below 4 stars should also be a red flag). And READ the reviews!

3. Recommended devices

Stay tuned! I’m getting a list of my favorite and recommended devices together and will update this with a link to that page.

In the meantime, here is a basic list of smart switches and smart plugs that are on my top list (note that you will need only 1 Lutron Bridge; all other Lutron devices will not need additional bridges):

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